It Gets Better (with Chips)

Doritos Are Gay

I usually share a great deal with you, my wonderful and adored readers. Nothing is too personal… tweeting on the toilet, cats shitting on my carpet, when I forget to shower… Which is why I feel bad only giving you vague details now. So I promise to share as much as I am comfortable with. Even now, writing this… I’m unsure how much I’m going to say. But I have had a couple of beers, which should help matters.

Let’s start.

There are charities. Many people choose what charities they contribute to because of a personal connection. If your mother died of lung cancer, you do a LUNGevity event every year. If your brother died of heart disease, you head up an AHA heart walk team. If you’re Patrick Stewart, you’re heavily involved in domestic violence and PTSD causes.

I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life. (This is me being real, shutup.) But I haven’t really been contributing to charities that were specifically personal. I care deeply about animals, so I do what I can for the SPCA. I’m a huge human rights advocate, so I do what I can to get bigots to not be jerkwads.

That being said, I recently clicked on a link that said if I contributed to the It Gets Better Project, a cause which I have, for a very long time, been hugely supportive of… I’d get rainbow Doritos in the mail.


Rainbow. Doritos.

Snack food in multi-color form? Yeah, I donated.

I wholly support the mission… which is letting others know that while times might be rough now, it does get better. Especially youngins out there… you might be bullied for being who you are, but don’t be afraid. Life gets better. You’ll be accepted and loved. Please tough out the hard times… we love you for it.

So I donated. I got my rainbow Doritos. They were super delicious and filled me with pride.

Then… I told my mom about the Doritos gimmick and how I was going to write a blog post about it. Then she proceeded to talk to me about the very real, very personal connection I had with the subject matter.

A family member, with whom I was very close, committed suicide. After his suicide it was revealed to us that he was gay and closeted. It is unknown to me what was going through his head when this happened. Unknown to everyone. But there’s a very real chance that he needed to be accepted and loved.

Here’s the thing. I never, in my mind, correlated that his death and my It Gets Better Project support were related. I thought it was something that needed to be supported, regardless. Having this connection doesn’t further my conviction… my conviction was already there. It just reminds me that you also need to support this charity. You don’t know who in your life is in need of support. You don’t know the struggles of anyone but yourself. So if you care about anyone at all, you should care about this charity. Hedge your bets, friends.

Currently, they are all out of Rainbow Doritos. But check back later.

Also, contribute without the chips.

It’s a worthy message and everyone needs to hear it. It gets better.


Fontina has an Ohio heart and Philly spunk. She loves giving you recipes for hearty food, pop-culture puns and a hell of a lot of craft beer. You can find her in the kitchen, at the bar, on Twitter or marathoning episodes of Shin Chan or Bob's Burgers online.

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