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Flank Castle Steak

The Punisher Pre-Kill Meal

I can’t imagine how much effort it takes to plan a vengeance-filled murder spree and be on point enough not to get taken down yourself. I mean, I get exhausted going to Target. It involves a left turn, you guys. So in my mind, Mr. Frank Castle (Franklin? I like to think it’s Franklin. I…

Little Wampa's Hoth and Ready Pizza

Little Wampa’s Hoth & Ready Pizza

It’s not easy, opening up a pizzeria with only one arm. Have you ever tried to toss dough? It’s hard enough to do with two arms … then you factor in keeping the fur out of everything … Little Wampa, an ironic nickname given to him by his friends, didn’t let this stop him from…

Equality Dogs and Tacos

Innies and Outies

This is my third attempt at writing this column. The problem is… there is so much to say and so many different ways to say it. Honestly, writers much better than me have done it justice where I will inevitably come up short. My first column was a short story about a society where people…

Beet Hummus

Beet the Beet Up Hummus

I am somewhere exactly in the middle of stereotypically girly and not girly. A lot like I’m somewhere in the middle of Leslie Knope and April Ludgate. While I can probably out-belch you and I will never complain about an action movie, I also love dresses and glitter and pink. I have a whole collection…

The Real BLT

The Real BLT (Bacon, Legs and Tomato)

For years now you have been deceived. You’ve spent your whole life without the proper understanding of something that is supposed to be classic and perfect. I’m here to bring you the truth. BLT does not stand for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. BLT stands for Bacon, Legs and Tomato. It’s just been sitting there waiting…

Chicken Caesar Salad Grilled Cheese

Chicken Caesar Grilled Cheese

I’ve always thought that life was a cruel bitch for making New Years resolutions come around just when it’s getting bitter cold out. All you want to do is hunker down inside and eat something hearty and warm but you’re bombarded with all of this guilt to better yourself. Let me tell ya: as I…

Chicken Mango Tacos and Avocado Crema

Taco Your Damn Tuesday

I’m not one to do cute weekday-themed meals every week. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday… it all seems great in theory but I’m just not that dedicated. It’s more like Cereal and String Cheese Monday and Shit, Did I Eat Dinner Tuesday. In an effort to be, not only cute, but a semi-responsible adult, I’m fixing…

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