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Circus Peanut Daiquiri – Dumbo

Dumbo is one of those movies that makes me cry for two reasons: (1) it’s sad and (2) it bores me to tears. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a classic that I’ve seen a bunch. One of the weirdest scenes, and I think the reason the movie drags a bit, is the drunken hallucination segment. I will say, I have never imagined Pink Elephants on Parade when I’ve had too much champagne, but then again, I’m not an elephant. (At least not in the literal sense of the word.) As a tribute to the weirdest scene in Disney animated history, I created a cocktail! You can use alcohol in it if you want to try your hand at imagining a neon musical number or you can keep it virgin like Dumbo should do. It’s your call! 

Circus Peanut Daiquiri
2 bananas
½ cup BG Circus Peanut Clown Syrup
4 cups ice
1 cup milk of your choice (I used almond)
½ cup coconut milk 
rum (optional)
circus peanuts and sprinkles for garnish

Prep your garnishes. I skewered a circus peanut and rimmed the glasses with leftover coconut milk and sprinkles. 

Place all ingredients in the blender. If using rum, replace milk with your desired amount. Blend about about a minute and a half or until smooth. Pour into glassware and garnish.

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