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It Gets Better (with Chips)

Doritos Are Gay

I usually share a great deal with you, my wonderful and adored readers. Nothing is too personal… tweeting on the toilet, cats shitting on my carpet, when I forget to shower… Which is why I feel bad only giving you vague details now. So I promise to share as much as I am comfortable with….

Fried PIckle Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Thing

American Pie

Patty Pizza, Patty Pizza, Bacon’s Jam Fry Me A Pickle As Fast As You Can Texture. It’s more important than most people give it credit for. It can be the make or break element of a dish. It’s also psychological and shit. I mean, I’m no psychologist… but I know having a lick of a…



This world has a long history of pig-and-cheese sandwiches. The most famous, I’m sure, is the croque monsieur: a French grilled ham and cheese topped with béchamel. England has their toasties. America has their monte cristos… which is basically a dumbed down croque monsieur that uses an egg mixture instead of béchamel. It’s all fucking…

Sweet and Spicy Brown Ale Snack Mix

Sweet and Spicy Brown Ale Snack Mix

I’m a winter girl. But if there is one thing that gets me really excited for spring, it’s baseball. I know other people get excited about the weather, spring cleaning, March Madness. But for me, it’s baseball. Even if it’s watching the game from home (what up, MLBtv!?), I’m kicking back with a good beer…


Cheese Fry Grilled Cheese

I follow enough food blogs and watch enough Food Network to know that I’m supposed to include a cute little life anecdote with each of my recipes. Well, I have news for you. My anecdotes aren’t always so cute. That being said: So last weekend I got really smashed. The next day I couldn’t eat…

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