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Fontina and Beer

Flavorful World Interview

I was contacted this month by the very sweet and funny Anthony from flavorfulworld.com. He asked if he could interview me as their featured blogger this month. I am obviously not going to say no to that! The questions were well thought out and insightful and I was really honored he knew so much about…

Baby Fontina

Take This Survey, Win My Heart

I have been trying to fatten up my friends and family since I was 2 years old. For the past few years, I have been trying to fatten up strangers with BaconandLegs.com. But I want to be better at fattening you all up. Please take a minute (seriously, a minute) and fill out this super…


Dream Dinner in Belgium

Dear Strangers: plane tickets and hotel stays encouraged as Christmas gifts this year. If I could have dinner ANYWHERE, where would I go? I’ve done some travelling in my little stay on this Earth so far, but not a ton. The one place that QUICKLY came to mind though, was Belgium. Firstly, and if you’re…

Holy Shit Snacks and Green Russians

Nerdy Costume Sidekicks

Some of you are dorks. Full-fledged, no-shame dorks. And I love you for that. You dorks that will be dressing up as your favorite TV, movie, book or video game characters for halloween… I love you even more. A lot of us don our dorky little costumes and then go off to a house party…


Cancer Gets LOST 2014

LOST is back. But not really. It is however, living on through the sale of memorable props from the island (and beyond). Cancer Gets LOST 2014 is an auction of television and movie memorabilia, hosted by BlackSparrow Auctions. It’s going on now through September 27th and there is some amazing shit over there. If you…

Anytime Peacemaker

The Peacemaker and Lots of It

I know this has been all over the news, but I just wanted to put it out there in case you hadn’t seen it. Austin Beerworks, of Austin, TX (obvi) has created a limited time packaging of 99 cans of their Peacemaker Anytime Ale. (Does anyone else think of that George Clooney movie? No? Just…


Guac for a Good Cause

Attention my beautiful Philly neighbors! You know MANNA? That organization that you get yummy pies from every Thanksgiving? Did you know that they are awesome? They are an amazing non-profit that helps feed those in need of nutritious meals. This weekend, Sunday, to be specific, they are having their 2nd Annual Guac Off. It’s your…


Epic Beer Festival

Pssst. Hey. Hey, beer-lovin-Philly-friends. I gotta talk to you about something…. The Epic Beer Festival is gonna be at the Convention Center and… it looks like it’s going to be fucking epic. This is the second annual one. But last year they were the PA Beer Fest. So if you went last year, then you…

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