Lovely Lucille

The Walking Dead: Lovely Lucille

Walking Dead Spoilers. Barely. Whatever, just don’t complain.

It’s not always easy being a Walking Dead fan. Deaths upon deaths. Lost body parts. Extreme personality shifts. Your favorite character could be gone in an instant. (I miss you, Chad Coleman!) This why I am protecting myself. I’m no longer allowing myself to get attached to these people. But you can’t watch a show for years on end without a bit of commitment. That is why my current favorite character is Lucille. Sure, she might not be around forever… but I feel like she isn’t as easily taken down as most of the other characters. (My second favorite character is Shiva.) She’s a badass, she’s an essential part of the Saviors’ success and she is half of what makes Negan so intimidating and wonderful. She might just seem like a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat to you, but she is the soul of one of the greatest villains in comic and television history.

This is why, to celebrate the Walking Dead‘s return tonight, I’ve made edible Lucilles. Chocolate-covered pretzel rods with sugary barbed wire and lots of bright, juicy blood. Welcome back, Lucille. We’ve missed you.

Sweet Lucille

Sweet Lucille

Lovely Lucille
2 packages milk chocolate candy melts
1 package bright white candy melts
1 package black candy melts
16 oz bag pretzel rods
1/4 cup light Karo corn syrup
red food dye
silver sprinkles
candy eyes (optional)

Lay out wax paper on your counter. Break an inch or two off of each pretzel rod to get baseball bat proportions. Lay them out on the wax paper.

Place milk chocolate melts into a large glass bowl. Microwave for thirty seconds. Stir. Continue microwaving in thirty second intervals on 50%, stirring after each sesh until nice and smooth.

Begin dipping the pretzel rods. You’ll want to cover about 3/4ths of it and probably dip the ugly/broken-end in to cover it up. Place on the wax paper. Continue until they are all covered. Then start over, doing another coat. Let dry.

Place the white and black candy melts in another glass bowl and melt the same way you did the chocolate melts.

Using a fork, dip in the now-gray goo and whip back and forth over your Lucilles, creating a wirey look. Immediately throw a coat of the silver sprinkles on top to create the barbed wire effect.

While you are waiting for them to dry, mix your corn syrup with red dye until it becomes a lovely blood color. Drizzle over the sticks. Add a couple loose eyeballs if you’re feeling extra gory.

Once dry, store in a Ziploc bag for up to a week.

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