Doctor Strange’s Rye of Agamotto

For those of you who have been waiting for the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… for those of you who have a hopeless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch… or for those of you who just want to get out of your house and immerse yourself in magic for a couple of hours, Friday is a big day for you.

Doctor Strange comes to the big screen for the first time. For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Stephen Strange was a super cocky and successful neurosurgeon. I believe the film will cover his loss of career and rise to power as Sorcerer Supreme, so I won’t go into detail here. What I WILL go into detail about is this:

Doc Strange

Doc Strange

Doc Strange has a mystical object called the Eye of Agamotto and it lives in a necklace that he wears around all the time. It supposedly can tap into some of Agamotto’s crazy powers and see truth through magic and illusions. (Agamotto was the first Sorcerer Supreme.) It can weaken evil, create dimensional portals and aid in Strange’s telepathic abilities.

Rumor has it that the Eye is going to be one of the last two infinity stones we’ve been waiting for in the MCU. Knowing Doctor Strange, it’s likely that it will be the Time Stone. I’m super eager to find out how it’s going to play into the overarching storyline and where it’s going to end up.

For this week’s recipe, we’re gonna pay homage to the building blocks of this epic gauntlet that shall be the future doom of our planet. We’re going to make the Rye of Agamotto (with infinity stone fruit bruschetta). The rye is homemade, but you are welcome to buy rye at the store and just make the bruschetta. But here’s are Bruschetta Breakdown as they pertain to the MCU (not the comics):

Reality Stone (Red)
This stone will be represented by pomegranate.

The reality stone was first seen in Thor: The Dark World. This one is a bit of an outlier because it is actually presented as the Aether, which is a dark red liquid that can be absorbed into someone’s body, giving them ridiculous abilities. It’s trippy. It was last seen in the collector’s museum…

Power Stone (Purple)
This stone will be represented by dates.

This was first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. When used, the power stone could destroy entire planets. It is currently being safely held by Nova Prime on Xandar.

Space Stone (Blue)
This stone will be represented by plums.

The space stone was first seen being held by Red Skull. You may recall it being referred to as the Tesseract, which is actually the cube that is built around the stone. It can be used to manipulate space… obviously. It is now being held within Odin’s vault in Asgard.

Mind Stone (Yellow)
This stone will be represented by lemon zest.

This bad boy was originally seen in Loki’s scepter. In short, it can mind control people. Which works nicely for Loki… he’s not great at winning people over on his own. Eventually, Ultron broke the casing that was disguising and protecting it and the stone was used to bring Vision to life. So that’s where it is now. In that guy’s forehead.

Now we come to the two stones we have yet to see.

Soul Stone (Orange)
This stone will be represented by peaches.

Assuming that the final stone will be the soul stone, it will be orange. (Unlike in the comics where it is green.) It is a sentient stone that hungers for souls and allows the wielder to control life. It’s scary and not at all okay.

Time Stone (Green)
This stone will be represented by mint.

This is speculatory, as I have not seen the film. But the green light emitted from Strange’s Eye of Agamotto will likely be the Time Stone. It will allow the user to control the flow of time.

Rye of Agamotto

Rye of Agamotto

Rye of Agamotto (with infinity stone fruit bruschetta)
rye baguette (recipe here)
2 peaches
3 plums
10 dates
1 pomegranate
1 lemon
1 cup ricotta
2 tbsp honey
8 mint leaves, julienned

Preheat oven to 400°F. Slice baguette into ½ inch slices and place on a baking sheet.

Dice up dates. In a small bowl, stir the dates into the ricotta and honey. Spread on each slice of the bread. Bake for 10 minutes.

While the bread is baking, dice the peaches and plums and place in a bowl. Seed your pomegranate and add it into the stone fruit. Zest and juice your lemon into the bowl. Toss the fruit to coat in the lemon.

When toasts come out of the oven, top with a spoonful of fruit and a sprinkle of mint.

Just a note. The holidays are right around the corner and this would make an excellent dish for Christmas entertaining. It’s got a lot or red and green. Plus the honey, fig, pomegranate and mint taste quite bright and festive! 

Fontina has an Ohio heart and Philly spunk. She loves giving you recipes for hearty food, pop-culture puns and a hell of a lot of craft beer. You can find her in the kitchen, at the bar, on Twitter or marathoning episodes of Shin Chan or Bob's Burgers online.

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