Little Shot of Horrors

Little Shot of Horrors

Musical and film.

Comedy and horror.

Rock and Motown.

Good and bad.

All the crazy dualities of Little Shop of Horrors, working together to make one of the greatest Halloween cult classics of all time.

Little Shot of Horrors

Little Shop of Shots… wait no…Little Shot of Horrors!

So let’s add one more to that mix. Port and Brandy. Two crazy adult beverages to make one awesome, blood-red cocktail for you to enjoy (and get drunk on) this Halloween season. A thick, red tawny port and a bit of smooth brandy, make this terrifyingly strong and delicious drink. You can serve it as a shot, but it’s great for sipping.

Warning: some plant matter harmed in the making of this cocktail.

Little Shot of Horrors
2 parts tawny port
1 part brandy
black sugar (optional)

You may rim your shot glasses with black sugar, if desired.

Gently mix port and brandy with ice. Strain over shot glasses.

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