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Little Shot of Horrors

Little Shot of Horrors

Musical and film. Comedy and horror. Rock and Motown. Good and bad. All the crazy dualities of Little Shop of Horrors, working together to make one of the greatest Halloween cult classics of all time. So let’s add one more to that mix. Port and Brandy. Two crazy adult beverages to make one awesome, blood-red…

Wrap of Kahn

Star Trek: Into Darkness… Into My Mouth

  Editor’s Note: Below is the column as it appeared on Hobotrashcan.com. Greetings HoboTrashcanites! I’m very happy to be developing pop culture-themed recipes for your enjoyment. I do hope that some of you are able to cook up some delicious shit to celebrate every time our nerdy little hearts go pitter-patter over a new pop…

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