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Opium Den Snack

Sherlock: Mid-Case Roast Beef Sandwich

I had removed myself from the food blogging game. It was a well-needed break and I’m not incredibly certain that I’m ready to jump back in. But here I am. In the middle of (what I consider to be) political turmoil and fighting clinical depression and crippling anxiety, I am here to provide you with snarky…

Boozy Figgy Pudding

Lil Fig Puddings with Boozy Caramel Sauce

I’ve been listening to some Christmas music… a lot of Christmas music… lately. But I’ve been actually listening to it and processing the lyrics. I have to say, I don’t like what I’m hearing. I’ve even put together my list of Top Five Most Fucked Up Christmas Songs. Merry Little Christmas – I thought this…

Little Shot of Horrors

Little Shot of Horrors

Musical and film. Comedy and horror. Rock and Motown. Good and bad. All the crazy dualities of Little Shop of Horrors, working together to make one of the greatest Halloween cult classics of all time. So let’s add one more to that mix. Port and Brandy. Two crazy adult beverages to make one awesome, blood-red…

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