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American Dad's Captain Crunch Veggie Tempura

American Dad’s Food Restaurant

Sometimes, I relate to Roger Smith and his constant need to be someone else, be absolutely crazy and mostly to wear lots and lots of wigs. Sometimes, I relate to Hailey Smith when I’m being annoyingly leftist and getting in people’s faces about their opinions (knowing full well I’m not able to change their minds)….

Broodwich (Sandwich) - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Life Cycle of an Aqua Teen

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a strange place in my life. Much like flatulence, my reaction to it is dependent on my mood. If I’m in a bad mood, I don’t find it funny but rather an annoying nuisance on the world. If I’m in a good mood, it’s the funniest fucking thing that could…



Having just moved to Ohio, I have very few friends in the area. I was pumped when this wonderful, charming girl (who I kinda know) wanted to hang out. Friend date! I offered to cook for her. She said she liked Mexican food and cheese and she tries to steer clear of gluten. I love…

Thanksgiving Leftover Monkeybread

Thanksgiving Balls

I know this is the time of year that all of the blogs are like, HERE’S WHAT YOU DO WITH THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS. And it’s like, turkey cranberry sandwich. Or turkey salad. Or some crap like that. Well guess what! I’m no different: Hey guys, I have this great idea of what to do with Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving, Fast Food Style

The Six Bucks and My Right Nut Value Meal

John Hughes. Genius voice of a generation. (Not Kanye.) He made two of the most quintessential holiday movies of our annual repertoire. Planes, Trains and Automobiles for Thanksgiving and Home Alone for Christmas. I watch them every year, and chances are, you do too. I’ve already put in Planes, Trains and Automobiles this year. And…


Holiday Wrap-Up Part I: Thanksgiving

I did so much cooking and baking over the holidays that I just gave up on posting. Too much doing to write about doing! So I’m going to do two ginormous posts covering everything I did. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just grab a cup of coffee and something to nosh, ’cause you’re gonna be hungry after…


Thanksgiving Menu

This year, I’ll be trying out a whole slew of recipes from some very talented cooks, bakers, bloggers and a couple publications for my Thanksgiving dishes. A few are my own and one is my mom’s, and I hope to post those recipes in the future. But for now, I wanted to provide everyone with…

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