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Dixon's Mixins and Fixins

Dixon’s Mixins and Fixins

Looking through the thick curtain of trees and darkness, Daryl thought about what he’d done. It had been several months since he left the group and went back down to Georgia. He left behind his family. The only people, save Meryl, that he’s ever cared for. But what could he do? He was so sick…

Franks Underwood

Franks Underwood

Spoiler Warning: Maybe don’t read this (or anything else on the internet) if you aren’t caught up. Tomorrow (Friday, February 27th), Netflix is giving us the gift of President Underwood. When the second season ended last year, our favorite southern democrat had hand-crafted and manipulated every situation in Washington to bend to his will. Through…

Sausage Gravy and Hop Stoopid

Little Sumpin’ Stoopid

If there’s one thing I know, it’s comfort food. I grew up on it. My mom always made the best shit. One of my favorites, though we didn’t get it often, was sausage, gravy and biscuits. When brainstorming recipes for DrinkingCraft.com, I like to play to my strengths and try to enhance the already awesome…

Prairies Bitch Corn Fritters

Prairie Bitch Corn Fritters

I was reading up on my genealogy and I found this fun story about my GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandmother, Rachel. Her and her husband packed up their covered wagon and moved to Northwest Ohio (where my family has lived since then). They lived in a hollowed out tree while they built a log cabin….

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