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Xavier's Bowl of Extraordinary Tots

Logan’s Run for the Border

How psyched/bummed are you guys for Logan tomorrow? Or maybe tentative/bummed, depending on your general outlook and attitude on the Wolverine movies. I’m fucking psyched. I love that they are doing a film that is loosely based on the Old Man Logan comic series. I am SUPER bummed that not only is it Hugh Jackman’s last film,…

Dixon's Mixins and Fixins

Dixon’s Mixins and Fixins

Looking through the thick curtain of trees and darkness, Daryl thought about what he’d done. It had been several months since he left the group and went back down to Georgia. He left behind his family. The only people, save Meryl, that he’s ever cared for. But what could he do? He was so sick…

Lemon Bar Party

Lemon Bar Party

I’m a junkie. A fiend. I can’t stop, I always want it. I’m partaking now, as I write this column. LEMON. Lemon curd. Lemonade.  Lemon coconut balls. Lemon drops. Lemon garlic butter. Lemon cream pie. Lemon sorbet. Lemon bacon grilled cheese. Lemon blueberry muffins. Lemon macarons. Lemon thyme chicken. Lemon bars… seriously, I could keep…

Great Lakes Blackout ShakeGreat Lakes Blackout Shake

Blackout Shake

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m partial to Great Lakes Brewing Company. Not just because it’s in Cleveland (though that doesn’t hurt) but because it’s awesome. I’m big into porters and stouts and I can’t say enough about the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and the Blackout Stout. So this week on DrinkingCraft.com, I whip…

Thanksgiving, Fast Food Style

The Six Bucks and My Right Nut Value Meal

John Hughes. Genius voice of a generation. (Not Kanye.) He made two of the most quintessential holiday movies of our annual repertoire. Planes, Trains and Automobiles for Thanksgiving and Home Alone for Christmas. I watch them every year, and chances are, you do too. I’ve already put in Planes, Trains and Automobiles this year. And…

Handheld Cake & Ice Cream

Makin’ Birthday Whoopie

It’s tradition in my household that every September 14th, there is an ice cream cake. It’s my husband’s birthday and from the time we started dating, I knew that it was something his mom had done for him. So from the first year I spent his birthday with him, I’d made sure he had an…

Neapolitan Whoopie Pies

Neapolitan Whoopie Pies

It’s summer, my little freaks! That means barbecues, cold beers and ice cream. Fuck it, it’s too hot for barbecues. How about just cold beers and ice cream? I whipped up a recipe that incorporates the flavors of both of those things, without actually being either of those things. (Just to keep you guys on…

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