Squash Squared

Squash Squared

I’d like to give you a little insight to my life. I don’t have time to do much on weeknights. I’m either working, cleaning or running errands. I have a feeling that I’m not alone in this. Especially since I don’t even have kids. I really don’t know how parents deal with that. **props** So every Sunday, I make up some foods that will keep through the week. Usually I make quinoa, and keep fresh veggies and crap in the fridge. Then I can make something different every night, even though it’s all quinoa-based. This week I made a whole spaghetti squash for myself. Here’s the first thing I did with it. (In the recipe, I’ve multiplied by 4, even though I did just make an individual portion for myself. Cause tonight, is spaghetti squash and vegetarian meatballs!) But this has the amazing fall flavors from the butternut squash soup, some smokiness from the paprika (make sure to use smoked!) and then extra creaminess from the egg yolk. Oh screw it, I am probably making this one again tonight. Enjoy!

Squash Squared
Spaghetti Squash with Butternut Squash Sauce, Mushrooms, Spinach, Chickpeas and a Fried Egg

1 spaghetti squash
1 cup organic butternut squash soup (I got mine from Trader Joes)
3 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup mushrooms
1 cup spinach
1 cup garbanzo beans
4 eggs
1 tsp dried thyme
smoked paprika
salt and pepper

Cook yo’ spaghetti squash monster. Pierce holes into it (like you would the film of a Lean Cuisine) all round. Place it in a glass baking dish and microwave it. 20 minutes total. Halfway through, flip it over. Let it cool for five minutes before slicing it in half. Scoop out the seeds like you would a pumpkin. Then take a fork and start pulling up the good stuff. Put it in a bowl and set aside.

In the meantime, heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Place garlic in oil and stir until it starts to get all good smelling, about 1 minute.

Add mushrooms. Salt and pepper and add your Thyme. Cook until they look sautéed, about ten minutes.

Throw your chickpeas in there next, to get them heated. 

Once everything is nice and warm, Add in your spinach and cook until just wilted. 

Add in the soup and heat until warm. Toss with spaghetti squash. 

In a separate skillet, cook your four eggs. I prefer over-easy because I’ve never mastered sunny side up. 

Distribute the Squash Squared into four bowls, top with eggs and sprinkle with smoked paprika. 


Fontina has an Ohio heart and Philly spunk. She loves giving you recipes for hearty food, pop-culture puns and a hell of a lot of craft beer. You can find her in the kitchen, at the bar, on Twitter or marathoning episodes of Shin Chan or Bob's Burgers online.

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