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Go Home, Burger. You're Drunk.

Go Home, Burger. You’re Drunk.

I guess you could call me a craft beer enthusiast… as in, I’m enthused about drinking delicious beers and lots of them. Not usually all in one setting, but occasionally I over-serve myself. Usually when this happens, I’m out at a bar. I can tell you exactly how it goes down. Around the time I…

Victory Lager & 4-Cheese Soft Pretzels

Victory Lager & 4-Cheese Pretzels

Hows about some Philadelphia in your mouth!? Head over to DrinkingCraft.com and check out my latest Ode to Philly. (I know I do it a lot, but I can’t help it, I love this town!) I’ve put together some delicious, pillowy soft pretzels using the light, crisp and too-easily chuggable Victory Lager. Loaded with four…

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