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Angels on Shrooms

Angels on Shrooms

I haven’t really done a Halloween recipe for you guys this year. This is likely the closest you’ll get. The vibrant orange of the mushrooms and the glossy black of the balsamic reduction make it festive enough for my liking. Next year I hope to be less busy and more in-your-face. I actually received these mushrooms,…

Groot Bark

Groot Bark

I’m a Marvel girl (though sadly, I’m not Marvel Girl), but I don’t have a lot of experience with Guardians of the Galaxy. I stuck around X-Men and the Avengers and never really ran out of material to read, watch and be entertained by. When the Guardians film was announced a couple of years ago,…

Cheesy Chicken with Grooves

Cheesy Chicken Rolls with Grooves

My office is full of enablers. We all have snacking running through our veins… clogging our arteries. Within our small group, someone is always bringing in something. (More often than not, it’s me. Sorry guys!) The one snack that keeps making a comeback is Cheez-It Grooves. We are all mildly obsessed. I wouldn’t even call…

Beans, beans the magical fruit...

The Magical Fruit

You might be inclined to think I’m posting a baked bean recipe because the Fourth of July is near. You might be right. But only kinda. These baked beans are a family tradition, and not just for summer. My family has them for every holiday imaginable. Yes, we eat baked beans for Thanksgiving. And now…

Clove and Nut Brown Ale Pulled Pork

Clove & Nut Brown Ale Pulled Pork

Editor’s Note: Below is the column as it appeared on DrinkingCraft.com. Attention apartment dwellers, busy people and lovers of pork! With warm weather typically comes grilling. But marinating meat and cooking it over a flame, carefully watching and attentively prodding it isn’t always feasible. For those moments, you need a recipe for a nice and easy…

Poppyseed Pasta Salad

Shapasta Salad

There are a few things that people consider “summer foods” or perfect for picnics and barbecues that my family has completely mastered. They make these foods so well, mind you, that we now also make them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, President’s Day… whenever we get the excuse. The first recipe is my mom’s baked beans….

Flemish Beef & Beer Stew

Ommegang Carbonnade Flamande

Food bloggers can come up with awesome recipes. Ideas out of nowhere that are weird and amazing and delicious. But sometimes we overlook the classics. The things that have stood the tests of time. They are there for a reason. This is my homage to a classic. Carbonnade Flamande is a traditional Flemish beef and…

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