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Gingerbread Challah

Gingerbraid (Gingerbread Challah)

We’re halfway through Hanukkah and on our way to Christmas. Living in a household that celebrates both holidays, I love combining them and making our own traditions. This year, I did just that by making some Gingerbread Challah. If there’s one thing that always disappoints about gingerbread, it’s that it’s not actual bread. If there’s…

Thanksgiving, Fast Food Style

The Six Bucks and My Right Nut Value Meal

John Hughes. Genius voice of a generation. (Not Kanye.) He made two of the most quintessential holiday movies of our annual repertoire. Planes, Trains and Automobiles for Thanksgiving and Home Alone for Christmas. I watch them every year, and chances are, you do too. I’ve already put in Planes, Trains and Automobiles this year. And…

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