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Bacon and Blueberry Crostini

Bacon & Blueberry Crostini

You know how sometimes we just need a quick, easy, impressive recipe? Cause someone’s coming over and we don’t have a lot of time… or cause we want to be fabulous and we don’t have a lot of time… ooorrrr in my case, we don’t want to miss posting on the blog this week, but…

Amazeballs & Awesomesauce

Amaze Balls & Awesome Sauce

Hey you. You going to some barbecues this season? You want to impress the shit out of people with the dish you bring? Thank god. I’d hate to think slackers read my blog. Make this! It is what it says. AMAZE BALLS with an anything-but-delicate AWESOME SAUCE. It’s basically a savory monkey bread. Caramelized onions…



An Unlikely Childhood Favorite This was my shit when I was kid! I’d rock a peanut butter and pickle sandwich so hard in the cafeteria! Sure, I got made fun of, but who freaking cares. It was a staple in my mom’s life and she passed it down to me. Turns out, even as adults,…

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