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Opium Den Snack

Sherlock: Mid-Case Roast Beef Sandwich

I had removed myself from the food blogging game. It was a well-needed break and I’m not incredibly certain that I’m ready to jump back in. But here I am. In the middle of (what I consider to be) political turmoil and fighting clinical depression and crippling anxiety, I am here to provide you with snarky…

Boozy Figgy Pudding

Lil Fig Puddings with Boozy Caramel Sauce

I’ve been listening to some Christmas music… a lot of Christmas music… lately. But I’ve been actually listening to it and processing the lyrics. I have to say, I don’t like what I’m hearing. I’ve even put together my list of Top Five Most Fucked Up Christmas Songs. Merry Little Christmas – I thought this…

Earl Grey Scones with Limoncello Glaze

Earl Grey Scones with Limoncello Glaze

There’s really no crazy backstory to this recipe. I just wanted to make a lovely little nibble for my more refined friends. I had made a delicious Earl Grey Soda awhile back (the Patrick Stewart-themed Make It Soda). It was mostly well-received, but I did hear from a friend that having Earl Grey flavor in…

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