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Oinkies: Sugar Cookies with Coconut Bacon Glaze


When I started Bacon & Legs, I was more of a pun fan than a bacon fan. Sure, I loved it. Who doesn’t? ESPECIALLY recovering vegetarians. It was a remarkable treat. But the blog was more or less about fun comfort food with some wit. A few years later and bacon has woven itself into…

Amazeballs & Awesomesauce

Amaze Balls & Awesome Sauce

Hey you. You going to some barbecues this season? You want to impress the shit out of people with the dish you bring? Thank god. I’d hate to think slackers read my blog. Make this! It is what it says. AMAZE BALLS with an anything-but-delicate AWESOME SAUCE. It’s basically a savory monkey bread. Caramelized onions…

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