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Batman v. Superman Veggie Burgers

the Bat Cave vs. the Fortress

The Bat Cave vs. the Fortress On my recent travels, I came across a couple of restaurants, very similar in style that I wished to review. The style being… stark, heroic, epic… trying to achieve something grand. The first, was a little basement-level space in the city of Gotham. It’s down a dark alley but…

Pork 'n' Bean Grilled Cheese

Pork ‘n’ Bean Grilled Cheese

The concept of comfort food is really dependent on your life experiences. But whoever you are, there’s nothing better than comfort food in the dead cold of January. Personally, I love grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, baked beans, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie… shit, now I’m hungry. Which is why I’m happy I did this……

Beans, beans the magical fruit...

The Magical Fruit

You might be inclined to think I’m posting a baked bean recipe because the Fourth of July is near. You might be right. But only kinda. These baked beans are a family tradition, and not just for summer. My family has them for every holiday imaginable. Yes, we eat baked beans for Thanksgiving. And now…

Bluth Bananas

Hot Ham Water and Bluth Bananas

Editor’s Note: Below is the column as it appeared on Hobotrashcan.com. Seven years. Seven long years since the darkness has engulfed our lives and the Bluth family was ripped away from us. Dramatic? Perhaps. But I think it’s a pretty good summary of how all of Arrested Development’s fans have felt throughout the years since…

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