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Cheesy Chicken with Grooves

Cheesy Chicken Rolls with Grooves

My office is full of enablers. We all have snacking running through our veins… clogging our arteries. Within our small group, someone is always bringing in something. (More often than not, it’s me. Sorry guys!) The one snack that keeps making a comeback is Cheez-It Grooves. We are all mildly obsessed. I wouldn’t even call…

Victory Lager & 4-Cheese Soft Pretzels

Victory Lager & 4-Cheese Pretzels

Hows about some Philadelphia in your mouth!? Head over to DrinkingCraft.com and check out my latest Ode to Philly. (I know I do it a lot, but I can’t help it, I love this town!) I’ve put together some delicious, pillowy soft pretzels using the light, crisp and too-easily chuggable Victory Lager. Loaded with four…

Baked PIerogies and Cheese

Baked Pierogies and Cheese

My favorite foods change quite often. Tastes change. Moods change. But there are a few constants. Cheese. Potatoes. Beer. So when I’m brainstorming recipes, I think I naturally gravitate toward these things. Cause what’s better than cheese, potatoes and beer? Pasta. Adding pasta to the mix could help. Ok, I’m convinced. Let’s make this happen……

Everything Bagel Strata

Bagel Pudding: Two Ways

Every Friday, my office has a Bagel Friday. Mountains of bagels, cream cheeses and other various toppings. Due to trouble with the supplier, our lovely tradition has come to an end. Last Friday was the end of Bagel Friday. /Cue simultaneous crying and sigh of waistline-relief/ Every Monday, my office has a ton of leftover…

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