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Founder's Porter Pretzel Truffles

Founders Porter and Pretzel Truffles

There are few things greater in life than the combination of sweet and salty. Especially when the sweet component comes from chocolate. But I’m not about to be satisfied with that. I WANT to make it better. Oh wait, I did. I added beer. These easy-to-make/easier-to-eat Porter & Pretzel Chocolate truffles are going with you…

Bacon and Blueberry Crostini

Bacon & Blueberry Crostini

You know how sometimes we just need a quick, easy, impressive recipe? Cause someone’s coming over and we don’t have a lot of time… or cause we want to be fabulous and we don’t have a lot of time… ooorrrr in my case, we don’t want to miss posting on the blog this week, but…

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