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Christmas Ale Stew

Christmas Ale Stew

As I write this column, the snow is falling outside my new place in the Cleve. I have moved from my beloved Philadelphia, where I have been for my entire adult life, back to my home state. While I am sad that I will be leaving so many wonderful people and places behind, I am…

Buckeyes, a Christmas Classic

Classic Buckeyes

If you’re from Ohio, I don’t have to explain this recipe to you. If you aren’t, I may need to. Buckeyes are a poisonous nut that grow on Ohio’s famed state tree. Also, weirdly, and probably better known, they are the mascot of Ohio State University. Regardless, it’s a huge deal in Ohio. A very…

Prairies Bitch Corn Fritters

Prairie Bitch Corn Fritters

I was reading up on my genealogy and I found this fun story about my GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandmother, Rachel. Her and her husband packed up their covered wagon and moved to Northwest Ohio (where my family has lived since then). They lived in a hollowed out tree while they built a log cabin….

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