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Cabbage Rolls a la Agent Peggy Carter

Carter Rolls

A full season in and I’m torn. Agent Carter was difficult to get into, had a hard time holding my attention AND I’ve already forgotten most of the plot of season one. But you ask, “Oh, did you watch Agent Carter?” and I’ll emphatically say “Yes! I loved it!” What the hell is that all…

Beet Hummus

Beet the Beet Up Hummus

I am somewhere exactly in the middle of stereotypically girly and not girly. A lot like I’m somewhere in the middle of Leslie Knope and April Ludgate. While I can probably out-belch you and I will never complain about an action movie, I also love dresses and glitter and pink. I have a whole collection…

Changers and Mash

Changers and Mash

Get ready to Chang your point of view. Do you watch Community? I’m sure you do. Everyone I know watches it, yet it had shitty ratings. That tends to be how it is for a lot of my shows. The poorly written, cliche-filled laugh track comedies get to live on for years and years while…

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