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Batman v. Superman Veggie Burgers

the Bat Cave vs. the Fortress

The Bat Cave vs. the Fortress On my recent travels, I came across a couple of restaurants, very similar in style that I wished to review. The style being… stark, heroic, epic… trying to achieve something grand. The first, was a little basement-level space in the city of Gotham. It’s down a dark alley but…

Walley World's Walley Whirl

Walley Whirl

Vacation has had a bit of a rocky start but things look good now. We’re on the road, Ellen has dozed off so she isn’t nagging me, the kids are fighting but I can drown them out and there is nothing but blue skies ahead! Huh. That red convertible is coming up kind of fast…

Groot Bark

Groot Bark

I’m a Marvel girl (though sadly, I’m not Marvel Girl), but I don’t have a lot of experience with Guardians of the Galaxy. I stuck around X-Men and the Avengers and never really ran out of material to read, watch and be entertained by. When the Guardians film was announced a couple of years ago,…

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