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Xavier's Bowl of Extraordinary Tots

Logan’s Run for the Border

How psyched/bummed are you guys for Logan tomorrow? Or maybe tentative/bummed, depending on your general outlook and attitude on the Wolverine movies. I’m fucking psyched. I love that they are doing a film that is loosely based on the Old Man Logan comic series. I am SUPER bummed that not only is it Hugh Jackman’s last film,…



Having just moved to Ohio, I have very few friends in the area. I was pumped when this wonderful, charming girl (who I kinda know) wanted to hang out. Friend date! I offered to cook for her. She said she liked Mexican food and cheese and she tries to steer clear of gluten. I love…

Cheddar Ball Saul (Trio)

Cheddar Ball Saul Trio

Saul Motherfucking Goodman is back. I don’t know the stats on how many people watched Breaking Bad, but it was approximately a metric shit ton. While fans of the show pretty much all agree that Vince Gilligan could do no wrong, I’m of the specific opinion that one of the best things he did was…

Chicken Mango Tacos and Avocado Crema

Taco Your Damn Tuesday

I’m not one to do cute weekday-themed meals every week. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday… it all seems great in theory but I’m just not that dedicated. It’s more like Cereal and String Cheese Monday and Shit, Did I Eat Dinner Tuesday. In an effort to be, not only cute, but a semi-responsible adult, I’m fixing…

Black Bean Bowl

Anchor Porter Black Bean Bowls

I’ve done it you guys. I’ve shared the secret of my existence. Black bean bowls. I literally cook a pound of black beans every week and eat them throughout. I usually add some chicken sausage and veggies. It’s a no-brainer. It’s super quick and easy, it tastes great and it’s nutritious. Then I had the…

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