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Finding Dory's Cheesecake

Finding Dory’s Cheesecake

Where is it? Who knows. Fontina said she was going to post a recipe. Then the movie came and went and she never did. OH WAIT. There it is… Tropical Cheesecake with a Cap’n Crunch Crust… Finding Dory’s Cheesecake for the crust 2 cups Cap’n Crunch cereal 1 cup flour ¼ cup sugar ¾ cup…

Wang it.

Wiener Wangs

Welcome to the new and improved Bacon and Legs! I’ve been working super hard to develop a site that is easier for you to navigate, has more space for all of this deliciousness and better expresses the Bacon and Legs brand. In launching this, I thought… what better way to usher in the new era…

Animal Crossing Cupcakes

Animal Crossing Cupcakes

I’m like, 12. Or at least I act it sometimes. I think that’s a big part of the reason I’m not a mom. I’d end up yelling at the kid that it’s MY turn to play the video game. I watch cartoons, I collect toys and I play video games. I know a lot of…

Snow Bunnies

Snow Bunnies

One thing that was always a huge hit in my home growing up was “puppy chow”… also known as Muddy Buddies. Basically, Chex cereal covered in peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar. A super simple recipe that’s always a hit. In order to advance it a little, I decided it needed a little salty flavor,…

Bob's Burgers Burgers

Bob’s Burgers: Daily Specials

Alllriiight!! Bob’s Burgers’ new season premiered last night and I was a big fan. I’m always a big fan. That show is the best thing Fox does right now. H. Jon Benjamin can do no wrong and the supporting cast is out-of-this-world-crazy. I could not pass up an opportunity to honor the show with some…

Breakfast Club Breakfast

The Breakfast Club Breakfast

It’s a classic. You’ve all seen it and you all love it. So to get you in the back-to-school state of mind, whether you have kids or not, I whipped up some Breakfast Club-themed breakfast recipes. Because there is nothing more quintessentially SCHOOL DAYS than our favorite group of misfits. There’s a recipe to fit…

Jake and Rainicorn Cupcakes

Adventure Time Cupcakes

If you haven’t already seen it, Adventure Time is this amazing cartoon on Cartoon Network. It’s kid-appropriate but more importantly, endlessly entertaining for adults. I don’t even have kids, but I Tivo the shit out of it. It has this whole deep/dark theme of how the characters live in a post-apocalyptic world. The main antagonist…

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