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Love Triangles (Hunger Games)

I tend to be very judgey and annoying. Ask anyone. One of the things I’m judgey about is media. Oh, does that movie have Nicholas Cage in it? I am not wasting my time. Oh, that show is on Fox? It’ll get cancelled before it has a chance. Oh, that song came out within the…

Miss Piggy-Wrapped Dates

A Date With Miss Piggy

I would like to start this column by saying it’s only kinda going to be about The Muppets. Yes, they have a new show coming out. I guess maybe you should watch it? I don’t know. I have mixed emotions about it. I think maybe The Muppets should never do anything again unless Jason Segel…

The Good Shit Pasta

The Good Shit (Pasta)

Summer is closing soon, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a fall and winter girl and I always dread the heat. But, I can’t deny how awesome it is to have fresher produce and bright flavors. With that in mind, I couldn’t let summer close out without doing something fresh, bright and yummy. It’ll still…

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