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Easy & Bloody Jelly Donuts

Dexter’s Blood-Spattered Donuts

I know this post is a little morbid and kind of fucked up. But it’s Dexter. How can it not be? With the last season barreling in on us, I wanted to do a recipe to honor our lovable little psychopath. What better way, than to create one of his specialties: donuts. But donuts are…

Piña Colada Fudge

Piña Colada Fudge

I’m not a big summer/beach/tropical kind of girl. I like warmth in moderation and I fear the sun. But that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love the flavors associated with all that shit. And on a rainy, cold, gloomy Sunday in May, there is nothing better than tapping into those flavors. Get your tropics on….


Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

I often wonder if Hawaiians ever get sick of being associated with pineapple the way Philadelphians get sick of being associated with cheesesteak. Don’t get me wrong. I love cheesesteak. But Philadelphia is home to Dinic’s, which was voted best sandwich in the country. And it’s not a cheesesteak! Nonetheless, I went against my gut and…

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