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Too Much Tuna

Too Much Tuna

Oh, hello. Pre-Kroll Show, I didn’t really know Nick Kroll. I never watched the League, so it was like, “oh, isn’t that the Douche?” I thought he was funny in the things that I saw him in, but I didn’t really appreciate what he was doing as a body of work. Now that Kroll Show…

Popplers, Space Honey Mustard and Slurm

Futurama-Inspired Recipes

To honor my amazing Planet Express crew and to welcome them back for their final episodes, I’ve worked out a pretty delicious Poppler recipe (beer battered pork tenderloin) and a cocktail that is as close as we can get to a gourmet Slurm experience. Popplers, if you don’t know, were found upon a planet by…

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