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Fergie's Redemption Dip

Fergie’s Redemption Dip

Fuck yeah, Super Bowl!! I actually don’t give a shit. I’m one of the countless Americans that tune in every year for the commercials and use it as an excuse to eat junk food. I’m in advertising by day, so I’m pretty hard on the ads, but its happy-fun-critique time with a beer in my…

Avocado Beanie Baby Dip

Avocado Beanie Baby Dip

Warm weather always makes me want to eat a little healthier, lighter, faster, funner. (Funner?) A quick, healthy thing to whip up is this Avocado Beanie Baby Dip. I promise, no Beanie Babies were harmed in the making of this dip. It uses a can of butter beans (also known as baby lima beans) and…

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